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Gary Bastoky

Artist's Statement  ::
I have been working in what I can only describe as an "abstract expressionist" style, since the mid-70's, and over a decade or so, the work evolved and began to incorporate more structured, almost geometric figures. The purely abstract images were "acquired" from the chaos of the moment. They are representations of timespace. It has been my personal experience and it is my belief that artists are essentially "receivers" who are able to channel, if you will, the chaos that we would otherwise interpret as linear events in time.
The artist's responsibility is to tune in to our connection with the Universe, and to represent it as a visual story. The story is really more of a catalyst, an incomplete Gestalt, and it is the viewer's responsibility to be open to the story that works for them, and to bring their own story to the mix. Each time the work is viewed, as in Quantum Physics, the viewer and the environment (changing light, temperature, noise, etc.) affect the outcome of the completed story. If the work is viewed either by a different person over time, as in a museum or gallery, or viewed by the same person over time, as in a private collection, a successful piece of art, will always interact with, and invite interaction from the viewer.
I have always been attracted to imperfection, and the beauty that is produced by randomness and entropy, and my painting is an attempt to create order from this seeming chaos. I find in this entropy, a return to the original Source.
The majority of my work is done in India ink or sumi ink, watercolor, and watercolor pencil on paper.

Pieces by Gary Bastoky:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
My work has been exhibited in the Oakland Museum Rental Gallery, (1978-1980), the Bastoky Gallery (Urban Landscapes, 1995), and in numerous private collections throughout the U.S.
In the past I have generally chosen not to exhibit my work through traditional gallery venues. Now I feel that my work has matured to the point where I am actively seeking gallery representation.