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Diana Janis

Artist's Statement  ::
Amadea Bailey is an American artist born in Germany in 1957. As a child she lived in Switzerland, Colorado, and Kenya, East Africa. Though the experience of all these places has touched her, it is Africa which has remained in her spirit and has had the most profound impact on her and on her work as an artist. The wide open spaces, the overwhelming presence of nature and the saturated light which she encountered there continue to drive and inspire her work today.

Pieces by Diana Janis:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
1960"s Painter / Jazz stylist studied 1960-1975 Wade Street Collective Arts,Chicago with a broad range of brilliant artists including Patricia(Sandy) Bennett multi-media/ Ronald Julius Christensen, painting/Frank Furch sculpture and welding / Jack McCrate paiinting,composition, et cetera

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
1970-1980 The Studio Chicago. Working within this group of artists of every type brought about a striking development of Diana's painting and the beginnings of her performance art conceapts.
1972 MYOHO at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. a visual musical performance art piece produced at the MCA as part of the Sunday Conceart Series.
1973-1990 lived and worked in N.Y.C. while refining h er unique style This important period led to
1980 One Woman Show Fedele Gallery 57th and Madison NYC 1981 Carneegie Hall Concert,NYC performance of MYOHO as part of "Women in Jazz" series produced by the Newport Jazz Festival. This piece included the visual arts. Aollections Patricia Bennet,N.J.....Gale Christensen,Naples....Anametrics Inc. N.Y.C. Rehkemper Design, Chicago et cetera Awards 1987 National Endowment for the Arts. Recipient of an individual grant for the purpose of developing her painting over a 1-3 year period culminating in three free exhibitions for the people of the lower East Side, Manhattan. 1990 living in Chicago. Painting intensively. 1996 Solo Exhibition "The Bop Shop" Chicago The Peace Museum Chicago