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Barbara Litke

Pieces by Barbara Litke:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
My work reflects a state of mind at any given moment between artist and observer as undiscovered forms merge into abstraction. The paintings integrate texture, pattern, color and composition by creating an interrelationship between intellect and emotion. They then become an achievement of harmony that shapes the essence of reality into an abstraction questioning both artist's and spectator's perceptions. Several works combine the artist's painting that is cut, repositioned and mounted on paper as a collage painting. The mediums applied are gouache, watercolor, ink and waterproof markers, or a combination thereof.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
West Side Arts Coalition
Central Park Armory
Lincoln Center Cork Gallery
New York Cornell Medical Library
Great Neck Library, L.I.
LaGuardia Community College, LIC, NY - Faculty Art Exhibit Lever House, NYC Haggin Museum, CA., Stockton National Print & Drawing Exhibition
10th Annual Miniature Art Show, Wyoming
Roosevelt Island Community Art Gallery, NYC
Brooklyn College 50th Anniversary Alumni Art Exhibit
Five Towns Music and Art Foundation, L.I.
Brooklyn Museum Community Gallery - fence show painting award
Five Towns College Faculty Art Exhibit, L.I.
Somerville College, Third Tri-State Art Show, N.J.