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   "Making it with God" by Randall Oldrieve




Height:29 in. / 73.66 cm
Width:32 in. / 81.28 cm
Depth:3 in. / 7.62 cm
Weight:  18 lb. / 8.28 kg

Discipline  ::  Mixed Media
Medium  ::  Mixed Media on Wood
Type  ::  Wall-Mounted

Price  ::  $3500

Artist's Notes  ::
Intensely tooled bouble-cofered door panel colored with oil enamels and latex enamels carved and engraved cherry shell shape railroad spike with sheetmetal screws inserted, rough hewn oak frame linear with copper corners, oil-painted and varnished frame with sheetmetal screws...twisted electrical wire frame surround.

If you have a question about this artwork or are interested in purchasing it, please reserve this piece online or contact Art Consultant Jeff Hersey at jeff@terra-gallery.com or (614) 726-9260.
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