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   "Negevcyclus - 2" by Ludo Vanroy




Height:14 in. / 35.56 cm
Width:20 in. / 50.8 cm

Discipline  ::  Painting
Medium  ::  Pastel, Colored Pencils & Bister on White Paper
Type  ::  Wall-Mounted

Price  ::  $270

Artist's Notes  ::
After a journey through the Negev desert, I made 2 works to create a link between chaos and order with sand, desert and space. The main color is "bister", a mix of Arabic Gum and soot, explicated as monotype and completed with yellow, black, and red pastels. By scraping away the bister from the glass plate, the examined area is formed. Fixation makes it clustering again.

The nice feeling from rubbing the pure pigments until color fields pass through each other, is simultaneous sentiment, association, and analysis.

If you have a question about this artwork or are interested in purchasing it, please reserve this piece online or contact Art Consultant Jeff Hersey at jeff@terra-gallery.com or (614) 726-9260.
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