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   "Aerial Landscape XXXI" by M. Runnells




Height:24 in. / 60.96 cm
Width:36 in. / 91.44 cm
Depth:1 in. / 2.54 cm
Weight:  16 lb. / 7.36 kg

Discipline  ::  Fiber & Paper
Medium  ::  Handmade Paper, Pigmented Kozo & Cotton Fibers
Type  ::  Wall-Mounted

Price  ::  $1200

Artist's Notes  ::
When I created my first piece in this series, I realized its similarity to the view from an airplane, miles above the earth, peering through whispy clouds. My forms reminded me of farmland--crops harvested creating patterns in the earth. In the next piece, rivers carved through the land formations we see in nature. My arrangement of colors looked like the changing views of earth from overhead: farmland to canyons to mountains, my arrangement of colors in each piece of this series looks like a view of earth from overhead, changing and unique.

Additional Notes  ::
Pigmented kozo and cotton fibers layered to form handmade sheets. Pigmented cotton is then sprayed via a transfer and resist method to create the image. No paint is used. When the handmade sheets are dry, two sheets are cut and pieced back together with cotton thread.

If you have a question about this artwork or are interested in purchasing it, please reserve this piece online or contact Art Consultant Jeff Hersey at jeff@terra-gallery.com or (614) 726-9260.

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